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We are fundraising to continue to grow our community!

To our beautiful, talented, and athletic eSports players,

Since our founding in 2020, CMSA eSports has quickly grown from a group of local-to-Chicago gaymers to a truly national network nearing 1500 friends spanning coast to coast with some international participation! We currently offer 7 organized (and streamed) leagues including Fortnite, League of Legends (Summoner Rift and ARAM), Overwatch, Palworld, Dungeons & Dragons, and Dead By Daylight! These leagues allow for ~240 members to participate in fully organized, free-to-play quarterly seasons and the opportunity to invest in new and old friendships alike.

In 2021, we decided to do away with a paid membership model similar to how other in-person CMSA sports fund their overhead costs and park fees, simply because we had no costs, games are free-to-play, and leadership was (and still is!) happy with building our community on a purely volunteer basis.

As we continue to become more popular, as more opportunities arise, and as we scale, we’ve taken on a few costs. To meet our ambitions, we’ve received a sponsorship from The North End (where we host our in person events), worked beer tents during pride, and also received some wonderful donations from within our community!

This year, we have a goal set to raise $10,000 such that we can continue to scale our virtual and in person offerings while also leaving plenty of room to think big. While we plan to hustle by gaining new sponsorships and working more tents this festival season, we are hoping to raise $1500 of that amount from within our own community. Funds raised from within will cover overhead costs used to facilitate and grow our leagues including:

✨CMSA eSports website domain hosting
✨Restream monthly fee to have our streams saved to Youtube
✨Fees for effective recruitment sites like
✨C2E2 (comic con) booth and Pride Lounge hosting
✨Printed tablecloths and step and repeat (these are like $400! gag)
✨Tokens of appreciation for league managers
✨Odds and ends for leagues as needed (D&D adventurers guides, server costs, prizes, etc.)

We’ll be hosting two fundraiser events within our space this year which will mark the ONLY times we will ever reach out to our members to ask for donations. The first will be this Saturday, February 10th, and the second will be later this year. Tune in to our fundraiser stream between 12PM CT to 12AM CT on Saturday and join in on the fun!

Thank you in advance for supporting our vision and mission of providing a safe, queer space to play games and make friends in a competitive-lite atmosphere!

PS. You can also support us by tuning into our stream at any day of the week and actively chatting!